One Size Does Not Fit All

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Why are there so many flavors of ice cream? Hmmm…

 Another question: Why are there so many available toppings and options of delivery in a cup, or a cone, or through a straw?

 My thought is the many flavors, toppings, and options satisfy the varying desires of unique people. Ice cream makers realized that plain old vanilla did not work for every palette. Chocolate, though dear to our hearts, I hate to burst the velvety brown bubble, but not all tasty treats include you. Peach flavored ice cream fits in a medium cup just as well as pistachio!

 Very much like the varied hankerings people have for desserts and toppings – and the size they order – the people who lease here at Town Place Apartments have varied needs and desires for the place they live. Fortunately for us, we have five floor plans to suit their needs and two styles to boot.

 When people visit us to learn about the property we ask questions – lots of questions. We are trying to learn what the specific requirements are, what things are crucial and those that are not, what floor level is preferred, and many other particulars. Hey, we’re matchmakers – we need to dive deep and ask these things!

 I have found similarities in people’s apartment home needs, such as the reasons a certain floor level is preferred. I also continue to hear new reasons that this location in Middletown is desired. One of the first items to narrow the search is, "How many bedrooms do you need?" At times the answer is very clearly defined as, "One". Excellent! We have two sizes for one bedroom apartments. Other times the answer could be, "Oh, two or three. We would like a guest area for when family visits and perhaps a home office." Fantastic! We have two floor plans for two bedroom apartments and one for three.

 Well, I don’t actually sound that cheesy in my responses, but the level of excitement is there behind the quiet smile. It is satisfying to match people with their needs for apartment living. Because it is very apparent that one size does not fit all, it is nice that we aren’t just plain old vanilla ice cream and Town Place offers apartment sizes that meet the desires of those we encounter.

 Think the manager would notice if I clocked out early? I seem to have a craving for coffee ice cream…


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