Credit Where Credit Is Due

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

I have a confession to make…

 When I am showing prospective residents the community – the fitness center, the grounds, the apartments – compliments of how nice the property is frequently tickles my ears…

 My response is certainly not, "Aw shucks, folks! You’re making me blush!" I am not remotely humble!

 When a resident compliments us for our speedy response to a service call or comments on how nice the grounds look? You’ve come to the wrong place if you think I am modestly replying to the accolades!

 And I can take absolutely NO credit for it either. I am not the one that prepares apartments for new residents. I am not the one that tends to the pool. I am not the one that cleans one stitch of the carpeting in the halls or paints the doors and stair rails. I am not the one that unclogs drains or makes the HVAC system work properly.

 Credit goes to our Maintenance Team and our dedicated vendors. It is their literal blood, sweat, and tears (well, they really don’t cry about it, to my knowledge anyway) that is invested in keeping Town Place in the superior condition we enjoy. I have had people tell me it looks like a resort – no joke. This doesn’t happen by mere chance. It takes people who actually care about what they are doing to make a community work fluently and appear so attractive to consumers.

 To be quite honest with you, my success in marketing and leasing apartments hinges on the overall presentation of the property. I am of the belief that a product needs to "sell" itself and the "salesperson" is really a tour guide. If the product is no good, I won’t stand behind it with my face and reputation attached. I am truly grateful that our team, including The Baker Companies (owner/manager), produces a product that sells itself. This leaves me the opportunity to assist seekers in finding the right apartment and guide them in the application process.

 Town Place Apartments Crew – the compliments I hear, on a consistent basis mind you, are all the result of your efforts.

 My sincerest thanks to all of you!

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