By the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

‘Twas a night in November, when in housecoats and socks

Every creature was stirring, setting back hours on clocks

Exercise gear was tucked away in a drawer

Because Daylight Savings caused darkness by four…

(Insert sound of needle scratching record… Or for those of you unfamiliar with that sound, tires screeching to a halt will do)

Hold up, Sunshine! Just because it is dark out doesn’t mean we can’t exercise by the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon!

At least that is what I told myself when heading to the Fitness Center here at Town Place Apartments. I wanted to go for a walk, but work day ended at 5:30 of the p.m. and darkness had already fallen across the land. Resolved to merely spin tread on the mill, the temperature outside invited me to enjoy it as if it were light out.

I was part way to the Fitness Center and couldn’t force myself to head back indoors. The moon and stars were shining, the air refreshing – but my usual walk on Ridgewood Road was not happening. I decided to do what the trendsetters of Town Place do, and I walked "the loop" of the property. I was surprised to see how well-lit the lots here are, and the short section of Ridgewood adjacent the property is illuminated nicely.

After completing an unknown amount of laps, I wondered what the distance of each lap gained me toward my typical three mile walk. I happened upon one of our stellar residents at the mail kiosk and asked if he knew the distance of the loop. He didn’t know. Then instead of driving home for dinner he drove a lap and stopped to tell me the distance! We have some great people living here!

Point four something or other is the distance of one lap, so two and a half rounds is about a mile. Cool! Not only can I enjoy the mild temperatures, fresh air, and exercise, if I wimp out after a few laps I can just abort mission and head to my apartment!

By the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon

In November or June, Town Place Loop is a Boon

OK, I admit it…that was lame.

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