Blazing Treadmills

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Old Man Winter with his single-digit bluster and icy stare hasn’t discouraged the hardy folks of Town Place Apartments from staying on track with physical fitness! Nip at our flesh with your Artic blast, pile snow and ice beneath our tires and under our feet – we’re not giving in to cabin fever, Old Man!

There are two seasons that can be identified merely by the foot-traffic here at Town Place: pool season and winter-weather fitness season. During the warm weather our pool becomes the focus of attention for residents as a local getaway (and I mean LOCAL!). When Jack Frost makes his appearance with intolerable outdoor conditions? Hey, when the going gets tough, the tough get going to the Fitness Center!

The Leasing Office is situated next to the Pool and Fitness Center, so it is easy with all of these windows to view activity in this part of the community. We know it is unpleasant for outdoor exercise when the traffic heading to the Fitness Center increases. I do often wonder about the folks still wearing shorts, though… Is that outright denial or an angry and defiant fist in the face of Winter’s Codger of Cold?

Feeling the itch to do more than an indoor exercise routine in my apartment, I, fully dressed mind you, braved the vast expanse of frigid air and land mass (uh, what, a quarter of a mile?) and trekked to the grand center of physical fitness and made use of our newest treadmill. That thing is nice! I had a favorite treadmill, if one can really claim such an object as "favored", but the new one has usurped the position in my mind.

People often ask me if the gym is used much. Interpretation: Am I going to have to wait a long time to use a piece of equipment? The Fitness Center certainly is utilized, but I have not heard or experienced it to be packed-out. In fact, I shared the time last night with only two others as I was there, all of us coming and going at varying times, having opportunity to use what we wanted. We almost had the three treadmills going at the same time – but one of us left as another was hopping on. Hmmm, I wonder if we’re missing an opportunity to convert this blazing treadmill activity into electricity?

As for the other "stuff" we have in the gym – I haven’t used it yet. Visitors are often impressed with the amount of equipment Town Place Apartments has in the Fitness Center, even commenting that they will no longer need their gym memberships. Hey, saving money and convenience is the name of the game! Long day at work and not loving the idea of contending with the local gym? Come home to Town Place, gear up and walk to the Fitness Center. When you’ve burned all that calories you can muster, masterfully built upon your guns and quads, simply walk back on home in minutes!

Then eat a healthy load of cheese-laden pizza with your favorite toppings. Or rabbit food. It’s up to you.


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