This Weather Is For The Dogs!

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Prolonged exposure to white sky debris and anti-tropical temperatures can bring about interesting behaviors with our residents here at Town Place Apartments...

 With the promise of yet another snow event, a.k.a "Spring Cloaking Maneuver", looming over our next 24 hours, I anticipate these behaviors to increase. Jumping and prancing and spinning in circles! What are they thinking? The love-bites of jaws nipping at piled up ground powder as if it is a welcomed friend?


 You may be wondering how these residents passed our application and qualification process. Had they exhibited such behavior prior to residency, would we still accept them into our fine community?

 ABSOLUTELY! Who are we to rain on the parade of a Happy Husky celebrating reminders of the Motherland?

 Feeling a bit out of sync with the seemingly incessant snow fall and cold temps, I was sitting dutifully at my desk in the Town Place Leasing office – space heater warming my tootsies and grumbling over the multiple years of large snow accumulations. And there he was! Jumping in happy circles as if this was the best day in the world! Bounding from place to place (with human securely attached to leash in tow, mind you…), Jake, one of our resident Huskies, brought audible tones of delight to my cold and crabby lips, and sunshine on my heart.

 Aaahhh! At least someone is happy in all this cold mess! OK, I’ll suffer one more storm so our doggy friends can be happy. But that’s it! Just ONE more storm! Then you will have to be happy with Spring blooms on the trees, the chirping of warm-weather birds, and eyeballing our lush squirrel population. Squirrel! 

Not all of our hot-diggity-dogs appreciate the snow and cold, especially if they are vertically challenged. Shorter leg lengths do not offer belly clearance suitable for these amounts of snow deposits. Fortunately, fashionable and seasonal outerwear is worn by some of our animal friends. Mona, a trendy Jack Russell, is often seen sporting raincoats, windbreakers, and anything warm and stylish. Rubber booties are all the rage for those desiring warm and dry feet.

 Of course, being carried around by a human is helpful, especially when trying to reach our dog park without disappearing in the white abyss. The dog park is the place where resident dogs detach from their humans and have a bit of free outdoor moments for them, and lessons in dealing with separation anxiety for the two-legged friends.

 Thus concludes my Tails of Winter. Happy tails to you, until we meet again! Uh, and when we meet again? Sunshine, 65 degrees, flowers blooming, questions of when the pool is opening…

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