Certified Resident Ratings

By Kalyn Schutz  – Leasing Consultant

 Have you ever wondered about the validity of an online product review?

 Yeah, me too.

 I become suspicious of the comments that either speak too positively or too negatively. They sound like this:

 “This is the best face cream I have EVER used! I used to be a hideous mongrel and since using Cucamonga Cream I look like a super model! My skin is so soft and glows like a ray from heaven. I buy this for all of my friends and we are all beautiful now!”


 “This face cream stinks! Literally. It smells like dirty feet and I broke out in hives just from the vapors from the jar. I wouldn’t even apply this to my worst frenemy. NOT worth the money!!!”

 Please note that using multiple exclamation points and capitalization denotes the review is true and accurate. No, not really.

 I tend to believe that the sappy excessively glowing reviews come from the company that makes the product, and I tend to believe the excessively critical reviews either come from a competitor or a very disgruntled “you can never make me happy” person.

 So how can we trust the reviews we read? Certified ratings of course! And in our case here at Town Place Apartments, we are utilizing the Certified Resident Ratings on ApartmentGuide.com – and they should go live any day now! Woo hoo!

 How this works:

·         ApartmentGuide.com invited us to use this cool new tool

·         Town Place Apartments invited our current residents to volunteer their opinion

·         We submitted willing participant emails to Kingsley Associates (the company AG is using for the surveys)

·         An email is sent to residents and they respond

·         ApartmentGuide.com adds the Certified Resident Reviews & Ratings to their site

·         YOU read the reviews and can better trust the content!

 Town Place Apartments invites you to use this tool by visiting ApartmentGuide.com and performing a search on Middletown, CT or using the zip code of 06457. Then look for our listing and read legitimate resident reviews until your heart is content!

 Oh look! The mailman is here with my Cucamonga Cream!


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