Baker Mania!

By Kalyn Schutz – Leasing Consultant

Paint-splattered faces and speckled clothes. Five gallon bucket chattering about the tools and devices contained within. You just spotted one near the pool, but then you question yourself as you enter your apartment building, “Didn’t I just see you way over there?”

Yes, yes you did.

Like a fine-tuned system of ants in a colony, their purpose is resolute and distinct – all for one and one for all!

Their mission? To keep the Baker Communities in tip-top shape! They are Team Baker – our incredibly talented maintenance staff.

They flinch at nothing (well, clogged toilets could cause a flinch), they laugh in the face of painting walls and caulking tubs. They offer no mercy to the grimace of leaking food disposals. Again! They are Team Baker!

The casual observer may err in the thought that these folks are all work and no play. No, this is not the case. They love to play, they are a competitive force, and they relish in the win – like any good maintenance maniac would. But where does a crowd of intensely competitive professionals go to show off their skills? Maintenance Mania!


Maintenance Mania? No such thing, right? Oh no, my friends. Maintenance Mania is very real, and Team Baker won the honors in April 2014, kicking the six-year streak winners to the curb – thanks to the gentle boot from Josh, our quick and smooth-handed tech from Town Walk in Hamden.

Team Baker, consisting of members from our maintenance and management team from Town Walk in Hamden and Town Place in Middletown – attended the Connecticut Apartment Association (CTAA)“Maintenance Mania”. This is a maintenance competition where technicians from property management companies throughout CT show off their light bulb turning skills, and donut eating, wait... Uh, their water heater installation adeptness while eating a donut. Ahh, whatever the challenge was, they did it with a smile!

The contest consists of eight events that each technician must complete and are timed for each task. Three awesome men from our collective team volunteered to represent Baker Companies – namely, Rashad of Town Place, and Alex and Josh of Town Walk. Our guys, and yours, put Team Baker and The Baker Companies on the Maintenance Mania Map when Josh took the number one spot by having the lowest combined time of all competitors. Woo hoo, Josh! From here Josh will represent Team Baker at the Nationals this summer (yes, there is a national competition…whoda thunk, right?).

We are very proud of our maintenance staff – and not just for participating in this event and bringing home a prize. We appreciate the work they do to keep the properties in excellent running condition, to which is no small task.

Thanks to all Team Baker Maintenance Maniacs!

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