Top Signs of Winter

Top Signs of Winter

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

For the past couple of months I have heard conflicting messages of the type of winter to be bestowed upon us. The first to surface were that of impending doom worse than last year, with frigid cold and tons of white stuff. Recently, and I like these better, are stories of a mild winter.

We at Town Place Apartments have other ways of measuring the signs of looming winter, and they are, in no particular order:


We have a healthy squirrel population here in the community, so it is hard not to notice them gathering and hiding nuts. Alarming it is to see them with nut clusters – not just one nut at a time – but a CLUSTER of nuts. I think they are telling us something! If a squirrel plucks a whole wad of nuts from a tree, multiple times, I think we’re in trouble!


Here at Town Place Apartments we have flowers for the spring/summer seasons, and those to suffer out the winter. There is a special flower that survives the cold weather and hangs out nice in the early days of spring. We were not able to get those this year, so we have a delightful array of mums. In any event, the changing of the plants is a clear indicator that cold weather approaches.


It has come to our attention that a couple of our sporty (well, they are just plain ol’ competitive is what it is!) male residents were aligned in a contest of “Last Man in The Pool”. The Town Place pool was finally closed the last week of September, so this year’s winner of the contest is…

Sorry, we are unable to confirm the actual winner, but each man will gladly take the honors. Water was a bit chilly, eh boys?


Our final and most accurate tool for measuring the coming cold is a highly advanced system. Perhaps only Town Place Apartments has this technology and early alert method. As reported by his Human, Jacob, or Jake for short, is a resident husky with a magical nose. When his nose starts to turn from warmer weather black to colder weather pink, we know that winter is on the way. And Jake’s nose started turning pink a couple of weeks ago… Sigh.

Well, whatever happens, we are hearty people here at Town Place. Between the great people who live here, work here, and our vendors – we are resilient and will survive another winter, but we’ll be more than happy to let dust collect on our shovels instead.

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