It's the Little Things

It's the Little Things

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant


"No more ice cube trays!"

With the increasing cold it doesn't seem fitting to be talking about ice cubes, but it is Thanksgiving after all. It really seems at times that some of the smallest of things can create a large dose of happiness.

The fact that we here at Town Place Apartments have refrigerators with icemakers didn't draw my attention as being significant. But then this very cute young couple toured the community (and rented!) and was the first of all my two years of working here to mention their excitement over  "No more ice cube trays!"

I admit, the old-fashioned method of making ice cubes is a bit annoying. Frost-ridden, overfilled plastic tray, cubes frozen into a unified front against releasing without a horrendous fight. And what about that insantiy of pulling cubes directly from the tray to the glass? Is the tray half empty or half full? And then there's filling the trays and getting them restacked in the freezer without spillage. And then there's the trays that are overfilled (again with the overfilled!) and join together like a brick.

It is no wonder people have Cube Tray Avoidance issues! But near about nothing is worse than opening the freezer and finding only ice dust and hearing the sound of the frozen tundra - NO ICE CUBES!

Thankfully, the significance of our ice cube-making fridges was brought to my attention. The small convenience of not having to manage the process really is a big deal. Open freezer, grab ice, plop in glass - aaaah!

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