Holiday Indulgence

Holiday Indulgence

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Gauging by the gelatinous movement of my mid-section, if ever so subtle, one could correctly pinpoint the source - Holiday Indulgence.

Worst part is, we still have Christmas and New Years ahead. Holidays jam-packed with tasty morsels of chocolaty delight, simmering soups, and meats basting in savory juices...yum. The extra weight that refused to leave prior to the current season offers a hearty welcome to the new-coming poundage. I am glad they have embraced each other as fast friends.

What should one do? With the traditional New Year's Resolutions looming and the lure of fresh baked breads and cookies, how does one balance the desire to indulge and celebrate with the multiplication of fatty tissue? For all the "reasons" we may delude ourselves with, here at Town Place Apartments, we simply have no excuses!

With a 24 hour Fitness Center conveniently located smack-dab on the property, within walking distance for all, with plenty of parking for those who can't muster the energy - there it is! Waiting for our arrival and the opportunity to make war with belly fat! The treadmills are impervious to lame excuses - they simply ask us to show up. The Nautilus equipment beckons us to form an alliance and bust a move and firm up that rump roast!

The equipment at the Town Place Fitness Center would like to wish all a very healthy and happy holiday season. And as each of our residents fully enjoy and celebrate the season, the equipment shall be patiently waiting for you.TP_24_Hr_Fitness

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