NoseDAR Reading - January 2015

NoseDAR Reading - January 2015

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant


Who needs a groundhog when you have a husky? Who need the tales of an old farmer's book when you have NoseDAR?

As reported in a former blog entery, Top Signs of Winter, Town Place Apartments is home to a very special temperature detection system. His name is Jacob, and according to his human (AKA: Lisa), his nose is either black in warm weather, or black with pink in colder weather.

We are going to follow Jake and his super-duper Nose Detecting Atmospheric Reality (NoseDAR) color-coded schnozzle system and see if we can tell when warmer weather is upon us.

If you wonder why a dog's nose changes color you will have to look it up (HINT: winter nose, snow nose). I am too lazy to cite sources, make endnotes and footnotes and all that! BLECH! But you just may find that it could have something to do with the weather/seasons. Or not.


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