Neighborly Neighbors

Neighborly Neighbors

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant


"When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities."
Jennifer Pahlka

I am proud to say that I live (and work) in one such strengthened community. The casual observer standing on this property after a snow event -- after event, after event, after event...sigh -- will easily notice our outstanding residents helping their neighbors dig out. I have witnessed residents walking pets for each other. I have heard about the courtesies offered from resident to resident -- even when they are mere acquaintances or do not know each other.

Helping each other and caring for each other, is truly a trademark of the typical Town Place resident. Again, this makes me proud. It makes me happy. It is incredible to me that we have so many exceptional people living here. People who take ownership for this space in the world, even though they do not technically "own" the space. We are sharing the excess of snow, we share in the work and patience to clear it all, and soon, we will share in the beauty of this property in spring and the conversations of dog-walkers, and in the summer of those enjoying the pool.

Yes, Town Place Apartments is a great place because of the care it receives from the owner and team members. But! Town Place is an exceptional community because of these Neighborly Neighbors who help each other, and help us, in making this a more enjoyable and rewarding place to live.

(pssst! We accept freshly cooked hamburgers from the grill -- hint, hint, you people sitting pool side!)

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