Turkey Induced Tranquility

 Turkey Induced Tranquility

By Kalyn Schutz - Leasing Consultant


It is that time of year again - you know, when we all overeat...

Large amounts of food can make us feel sluggish. The turkey phenomenon of sleepiness may lure us to the couch for an additional overdose of lounging around. Coupled with the recent time change and darkness of night visiting earlier, this can lead to packing on the pounds and the blues.

Here at Town Place Apartments, we have a remedy for sleepy heads and sluggish bodies. No tryptophan tale, no sweet potato indulgence, no second piece of pumpkin pie (come on, we know you ate more than one...) can beat our not-so-secret method of combating the storage of winter fat! Literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - yes, 24/7 - our method is tried and true.


That's right! Eat a bit too much tasty, crunchy, delightfully brown turkey skin? Thinking of taking a nap? No worries - walk over to the fitness center and hop of one of the machines. Think it is too cold out to walk over? That's OK - it's heated. You'll warm right back up when you work out, too!

Town Place Apartments wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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