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It's the Little Things

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 14:47

It's the Little Things

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant


"No more ice cube trays!"

With the increasing cold it doesn't seem fitting to be talking about ice cubes, but it is Thanksgiving after all. It really seems at times that some of the smallest of things can create a large dose of happiness.

The fact that we here at Town Place Apartments have refrigerators with icemakers didn't draw my attention as being significant. But then this very cute young couple toured the community (and rented!) and was the first of all my two years of working here to mention their excitement over  "No more ice cube trays!"

I admit, the old-fashioned method of making ice cubes is a bit annoying. Frost-ridden, overfilled plastic tray, cubes frozen into a unified front against releasing without a horrendous fight. And what about that insantiy of pulling cubes directly from the tray to the glass? Is the tray half empty or half full? And then there's filling the trays and getting them restacked in the freezer without spillage. And then there's the trays that are overfilled (again with the overfilled!) and join together like a brick.

It is no wonder people have Cube Tray Avoidance issues! But near about nothing is worse than opening the freezer and finding only ice dust and hearing the sound of the frozen tundra - NO ICE CUBES!

Thankfully, the significance of our ice cube-making fridges was brought to my attention. The small convenience of not having to manage the process really is a big deal. Open freezer, grab ice, plop in glass - aaaah!

Is there a "Little Thing" that creates big happiness for you? Share it with us on our Facebook page! Look for the post of "It's the Little Things" and share your stories.



Top Signs of Winter

Saturday, 25 October 2014 14:11

Top Signs of Winter

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

For the past couple of months I have heard conflicting messages of the type of winter to be bestowed upon us. The first to surface were that of impending doom worse than last year, with frigid cold and tons of white stuff. Recently, and I like these better, are stories of a mild winter.

We at Town Place Apartments have other ways of measuring the signs of looming winter, and they are, in no particular order:


We have a healthy squirrel population here in the community, so it is hard not to notice them gathering and hiding nuts. Alarming it is to see them with nut clusters – not just one nut at a time – but a CLUSTER of nuts. I think they are telling us something! If a squirrel plucks a whole wad of nuts from a tree, multiple times, I think we’re in trouble!


Here at Town Place Apartments we have flowers for the spring/summer seasons, and those to suffer out the winter. There is a special flower that survives the cold weather and hangs out nice in the early days of spring. We were not able to get those this year, so we have a delightful array of mums. In any event, the changing of the plants is a clear indicator that cold weather approaches.


It has come to our attention that a couple of our sporty (well, they are just plain ol’ competitive is what it is!) male residents were aligned in a contest of “Last Man in The Pool”. The Town Place pool was finally closed the last week of September, so this year’s winner of the contest is…

Sorry, we are unable to confirm the actual winner, but each man will gladly take the honors. Water was a bit chilly, eh boys?


Our final and most accurate tool for measuring the coming cold is a highly advanced system. Perhaps only Town Place Apartments has this technology and early alert method. As reported by his Human, Jacob, or Jake for short, is a resident husky with a magical nose. When his nose starts to turn from warmer weather black to colder weather pink, we know that winter is on the way. And Jake’s nose started turning pink a couple of weeks ago… Sigh.

Well, whatever happens, we are hearty people here at Town Place. Between the great people who live here, work here, and our vendors – we are resilient and will survive another winter, but we’ll be more than happy to let dust collect on our shovels instead.


As Summer Flies By

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 19:04

As Summer Flies By

By Kalyn Schutz – Leasing Consultant

Rumor has it that the winter is supposed to be a doozie. Again. Sigh…

Amazing it is that most of us agree that summer truly went by too fast – if in fact it really ever started at all. It seems to me that the only proof that summer has occurred is by the date showing on my calendar. Fortunately for “We the people of The Baker Companies”, we enjoyed a variety of summer activities.


The Baker Companies participated as a sponsor for the Connecticut Open this year and some lucky Town Walk and Town Place residents won tickets to the event! Impressive to me is that Marcus Baker, President of The Baker Companies, in hearing that the tennis event risked the possibility of moving out of state, sought out the opportunity to help. Team members from Baker Residential, and Town Place & Town Walk, operated the Baker booth at The Open, offering complimentary t-shirts, tote bags, and information about our properties and services.


The Baker Companies hosted a celebratory event for Town Place and Town Walk at New Britain Rock Cats Stadium. Great food, great game, great people – and a cray cray adorbs Rock Cat Mascot that we thoroughly monopolized (here, kitty, kitty, kitty!).


Rumor also has it that Norman Greenberg, Vice President of the Baker Companies, read the Farmer’s Almanac for the coming season and announced his “retirement” to, of all places, sunny Florida! Suspicions have been raised that this is not legit – the man can hardly go on vacation without checking in or being contacted for his expertise. Norman was planning the path to retirement prior to the purchase of Town Walk at Hamden Hills and was lured into managing this fledgling Baker adventure. With the calendar flipping days, then weeks and then years ahead, would he ever be able to retire? (insert evil laughter here). Then the purchase of Town Place Apartments in Middletown, CT, and more calendar flipping, and a total of 32 years of service in real estate to the Baker portfolio. Finally, the random threats about retiring have come true. With a stroke of the brush of an accomplished artist, Norman paints a wonderful sunset that spans the northern East Coast and gently washes in crystal blues and warm breezes of a new Floridian home.  Norman20Greenberg20Retirement


Baker Mania!

Thursday, 12 June 2014 16:52

By Kalyn Schutz – Leasing Consultant

Paint-splattered faces and speckled clothes. Five gallon bucket chattering about the tools and devices contained within. You just spotted one near the pool, but then you question yourself as you enter your apartment building, “Didn’t I just see you way over there?”

Yes, yes you did.

Like a fine-tuned system of ants in a colony, their purpose is resolute and distinct – all for one and one for all!

Their mission? To keep the Baker Communities in tip-top shape! They are Team Baker – our incredibly talented maintenance staff.

They flinch at nothing (well, clogged toilets could cause a flinch), they laugh in the face of painting walls and caulking tubs. They offer no mercy to the grimace of leaking food disposals. Again! They are Team Baker!

The casual observer may err in the thought that these folks are all work and no play. No, this is not the case. They love to play, they are a competitive force, and they relish in the win – like any good maintenance maniac would. But where does a crowd of intensely competitive professionals go to show off their skills? Maintenance Mania!


Maintenance Mania? No such thing, right? Oh no, my friends. Maintenance Mania is very real, and Team Baker won the honors in April 2014, kicking the six-year streak winners to the curb – thanks to the gentle boot from Josh, our quick and smooth-handed tech from Town Walk in Hamden.

Team Baker, consisting of members from our maintenance and management team from Town Walk in Hamden and Town Place in Middletown – attended the Connecticut Apartment Association (CTAA)“Maintenance Mania”. This is a maintenance competition where technicians from property management companies throughout CT show off their light bulb turning skills, and donut eating, wait... Uh, their water heater installation adeptness while eating a donut. Ahh, whatever the challenge was, they did it with a smile!

The contest consists of eight events that each technician must complete and are timed for each task. Three awesome men from our collective team volunteered to represent Baker Companies – namely, Rashad of Town Place, and Alex and Josh of Town Walk. Our guys, and yours, put Team Baker and The Baker Companies on the Maintenance Mania Map when Josh took the number one spot by having the lowest combined time of all competitors. Woo hoo, Josh! From here Josh will represent Team Baker at the Nationals this summer (yes, there is a national competition…whoda thunk, right?).

We are very proud of our maintenance staff – and not just for participating in this event and bringing home a prize. We appreciate the work they do to keep the properties in excellent running condition, to which is no small task.

Thanks to all Team Baker Maintenance Maniacs!


Certified Resident Ratings

Thursday, 15 May 2014 16:16

By Kalyn Schutz  – Leasing Consultant

 Have you ever wondered about the validity of an online product review?

 Yeah, me too.

 I become suspicious of the comments that either speak too positively or too negatively. They sound like this:

 “This is the best face cream I have EVER used! I used to be a hideous mongrel and since using Cucamonga Cream I look like a super model! My skin is so soft and glows like a ray from heaven. I buy this for all of my friends and we are all beautiful now!”


 “This face cream stinks! Literally. It smells like dirty feet and I broke out in hives just from the vapors from the jar. I wouldn’t even apply this to my worst frenemy. NOT worth the money!!!”

 Please note that using multiple exclamation points and capitalization denotes the review is true and accurate. No, not really.

 I tend to believe that the sappy excessively glowing reviews come from the company that makes the product, and I tend to believe the excessively critical reviews either come from a competitor or a very disgruntled “you can never make me happy” person.

 So how can we trust the reviews we read? Certified ratings of course! And in our case here at Town Place Apartments, we are utilizing the Certified Resident Ratings on ApartmentGuide.com – and they should go live any day now! Woo hoo!

 How this works:

·         ApartmentGuide.com invited us to use this cool new tool

·         Town Place Apartments invited our current residents to volunteer their opinion

·         We submitted willing participant emails to Kingsley Associates (the company AG is using for the surveys)

·         An email is sent to residents and they respond

·         ApartmentGuide.com adds the Certified Resident Reviews & Ratings to their site

·         YOU read the reviews and can better trust the content!

 Town Place Apartments invites you to use this tool by visiting ApartmentGuide.com and performing a search on Middletown, CT or using the zip code of 06457. Then look for our listing and read legitimate resident reviews until your heart is content!

 Oh look! The mailman is here with my Cucamonga Cream!



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