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This Weather Is For The Dogs!

Friday, 21 February 2014 22:05

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Prolonged exposure to white sky debris and anti-tropical temperatures can bring about interesting behaviors with our residents here at Town Place Apartments...

 With the promise of yet another snow event, a.k.a "Spring Cloaking Maneuver", looming over our next 24 hours, I anticipate these behaviors to increase. Jumping and prancing and spinning in circles! What are they thinking? The love-bites of jaws nipping at piled up ground powder as if it is a welcomed friend?


 You may be wondering how these residents passed our application and qualification process. Had they exhibited such behavior prior to residency, would we still accept them into our fine community?

 ABSOLUTELY! Who are we to rain on the parade of a Happy Husky celebrating reminders of the Motherland?

 Feeling a bit out of sync with the seemingly incessant snow fall and cold temps, I was sitting dutifully at my desk in the Town Place Leasing office – space heater warming my tootsies and grumbling over the multiple years of large snow accumulations. And there he was! Jumping in happy circles as if this was the best day in the world! Bounding from place to place (with human securely attached to leash in tow, mind you…), Jake, one of our resident Huskies, brought audible tones of delight to my cold and crabby lips, and sunshine on my heart.

 Aaahhh! At least someone is happy in all this cold mess! OK, I’ll suffer one more storm so our doggy friends can be happy. But that’s it! Just ONE more storm! Then you will have to be happy with Spring blooms on the trees, the chirping of warm-weather birds, and eyeballing our lush squirrel population. Squirrel! 

Not all of our hot-diggity-dogs appreciate the snow and cold, especially if they are vertically challenged. Shorter leg lengths do not offer belly clearance suitable for these amounts of snow deposits. Fortunately, fashionable and seasonal outerwear is worn by some of our animal friends. Mona, a trendy Jack Russell, is often seen sporting raincoats, windbreakers, and anything warm and stylish. Rubber booties are all the rage for those desiring warm and dry feet.

 Of course, being carried around by a human is helpful, especially when trying to reach our dog park without disappearing in the white abyss. The dog park is the place where resident dogs detach from their humans and have a bit of free outdoor moments for them, and lessons in dealing with separation anxiety for the two-legged friends.

 Thus concludes my Tails of Winter. Happy tails to you, until we meet again! Uh, and when we meet again? Sunshine, 65 degrees, flowers blooming, questions of when the pool is opening…


Blazing Treadmills

Monday, 27 January 2014 15:38

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

Old Man Winter with his single-digit bluster and icy stare hasn’t discouraged the hardy folks of Town Place Apartments from staying on track with physical fitness! Nip at our flesh with your Artic blast, pile snow and ice beneath our tires and under our feet – we’re not giving in to cabin fever, Old Man!

There are two seasons that can be identified merely by the foot-traffic here at Town Place: pool season and winter-weather fitness season. During the warm weather our pool becomes the focus of attention for residents as a local getaway (and I mean LOCAL!). When Jack Frost makes his appearance with intolerable outdoor conditions? Hey, when the going gets tough, the tough get going to the Fitness Center!

The Leasing Office is situated next to the Pool and Fitness Center, so it is easy with all of these windows to view activity in this part of the community. We know it is unpleasant for outdoor exercise when the traffic heading to the Fitness Center increases. I do often wonder about the folks still wearing shorts, though… Is that outright denial or an angry and defiant fist in the face of Winter’s Codger of Cold?

Feeling the itch to do more than an indoor exercise routine in my apartment, I, fully dressed mind you, braved the vast expanse of frigid air and land mass (uh, what, a quarter of a mile?) and trekked to the grand center of physical fitness and made use of our newest treadmill. That thing is nice! I had a favorite treadmill, if one can really claim such an object as "favored", but the new one has usurped the position in my mind.

People often ask me if the gym is used much. Interpretation: Am I going to have to wait a long time to use a piece of equipment? The Fitness Center certainly is utilized, but I have not heard or experienced it to be packed-out. In fact, I shared the time last night with only two others as I was there, all of us coming and going at varying times, having opportunity to use what we wanted. We almost had the three treadmills going at the same time – but one of us left as another was hopping on. Hmmm, I wonder if we’re missing an opportunity to convert this blazing treadmill activity into electricity?

As for the other "stuff" we have in the gym – I haven’t used it yet. Visitors are often impressed with the amount of equipment Town Place Apartments has in the Fitness Center, even commenting that they will no longer need their gym memberships. Hey, saving money and convenience is the name of the game! Long day at work and not loving the idea of contending with the local gym? Come home to Town Place, gear up and walk to the Fitness Center. When you’ve burned all that calories you can muster, masterfully built upon your guns and quads, simply walk back on home in minutes!

Then eat a healthy load of cheese-laden pizza with your favorite toppings. Or rabbit food. It’s up to you.


By the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon

Monday, 25 November 2013 14:58

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

‘Twas a night in November, when in housecoats and socks

Every creature was stirring, setting back hours on clocks

Exercise gear was tucked away in a drawer

Because Daylight Savings caused darkness by four…

(Insert sound of needle scratching record… Or for those of you unfamiliar with that sound, tires screeching to a halt will do)

Hold up, Sunshine! Just because it is dark out doesn’t mean we can’t exercise by the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon!

At least that is what I told myself when heading to the Fitness Center here at Town Place Apartments. I wanted to go for a walk, but work day ended at 5:30 of the p.m. and darkness had already fallen across the land. Resolved to merely spin tread on the mill, the temperature outside invited me to enjoy it as if it were light out.

I was part way to the Fitness Center and couldn’t force myself to head back indoors. The moon and stars were shining, the air refreshing – but my usual walk on Ridgewood Road was not happening. I decided to do what the trendsetters of Town Place do, and I walked "the loop" of the property. I was surprised to see how well-lit the lots here are, and the short section of Ridgewood adjacent the property is illuminated nicely.

After completing an unknown amount of laps, I wondered what the distance of each lap gained me toward my typical three mile walk. I happened upon one of our stellar residents at the mail kiosk and asked if he knew the distance of the loop. He didn’t know. Then instead of driving home for dinner he drove a lap and stopped to tell me the distance! We have some great people living here!

Point four something or other is the distance of one lap, so two and a half rounds is about a mile. Cool! Not only can I enjoy the mild temperatures, fresh air, and exercise, if I wimp out after a few laps I can just abort mission and head to my apartment!

By the Light of the Daylight Savings Moon

In November or June, Town Place Loop is a Boon

OK, I admit it…that was lame.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

Friday, 11 October 2013 18:16

By Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

I have a confession to make…

 When I am showing prospective residents the community – the fitness center, the grounds, the apartments – compliments of how nice the property is frequently tickles my ears…

 My response is certainly not, "Aw shucks, folks! You’re making me blush!" I am not remotely humble!

 When a resident compliments us for our speedy response to a service call or comments on how nice the grounds look? You’ve come to the wrong place if you think I am modestly replying to the accolades!

 And I can take absolutely NO credit for it either. I am not the one that prepares apartments for new residents. I am not the one that tends to the pool. I am not the one that cleans one stitch of the carpeting in the halls or paints the doors and stair rails. I am not the one that unclogs drains or makes the HVAC system work properly.

 Credit goes to our Maintenance Team and our dedicated vendors. It is their literal blood, sweat, and tears (well, they really don’t cry about it, to my knowledge anyway) that is invested in keeping Town Place in the superior condition we enjoy. I have had people tell me it looks like a resort – no joke. This doesn’t happen by mere chance. It takes people who actually care about what they are doing to make a community work fluently and appear so attractive to consumers.

 To be quite honest with you, my success in marketing and leasing apartments hinges on the overall presentation of the property. I am of the belief that a product needs to "sell" itself and the "salesperson" is really a tour guide. If the product is no good, I won’t stand behind it with my face and reputation attached. I am truly grateful that our team, including The Baker Companies (owner/manager), produces a product that sells itself. This leaves me the opportunity to assist seekers in finding the right apartment and guide them in the application process.

 Town Place Apartments Crew – the compliments I hear, on a consistent basis mind you, are all the result of your efforts.

 My sincerest thanks to all of you!


I Can Buy a Home for That Price!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 20:01

By: Kalyn Schutz, Leasing Consultant

If I had $100 for every time I have heard this statement, I could put a down payment on my own home purchase.

 Well, I could at least start saving for it anyway!

 We ponder things here at the Town Place Leasing Office. We give thought to the statements residents and apartment-seekers tell us regarding their individual needs and opinions. The topic of late is:

 Is it better to buy or rent? Can we really buy a home for the price of a rental?

 I was about to recreate the wheel, when the proverbial light bulb twisted itself loose from the socket and knocked me on my no-brainer. Perform a Google search on the matter! Certainly someone (particularly, someone else…) has already collected the data, created charts and graphs, and summarized their findings on the buy vs. rent debate.

 What did I learn? I think it all still boils down to the goals and desires of the individual, despite the ability or inability to be approved for a home purchase.

 A market study may show that it is better to buy a home at a certain time and in a particular area, than it is to rent in that same scenario. But if the person does not want to be bothered with the risks and responsibilities of homeownership – then the market does not dictate the best option for that person. The reverse of that is if a person really wants to own a home during a time when the rental market is the way to go, purchasing a home is the best option for them. Not everyone wants to invest in a home, and not everyone wants to invest in another entity’s property.

 I have often heard homeowners tell me they are downsizing and want an apartment because they don’t want the responsibilities of taking care of a house and yard any longer. I have just as many times heard apartment-hunters say they are renting with the goal of purchasing a home in the future. Who am I to discourage either from their desires?

 Besides, we are happy – and able – to accommodate folks housing needs regardless of the short or long term goals!


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